Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rainy Day

Well, it's a rainy day today and I've been quilting and going to class.    I'm still working on the Dresden Plate quilt and it's slow going but I am hand quilting it.    It's queen sized so it's taking awhile.   

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer continues it's perfect beauty.

Dresden Plate . . . . continuation

This is my Dresden Plate quilt at this point.   Oops, I also put a border of green on it since I took this picture.   Jim and I went to two stores in search of some kind of fabric for the backing.    I think that perhaps I should have just ordered something online from the same line as the Dresden Plate but . . . ..  didn't.  LOL!

So, I have the backing but still have to do some work on the front before quilting.  Once I do the grass below the flowers, I can put the layers together.   I think I'm going to do SID on the squares and borders with the machine and then hand quilt in the squares and around the Dresden.  I have something special planned for the center of the Dresden but I'm still unsure how it will work.     Happy quilting !

Flowers galore!


As we entered July, the flowers started to bloom with the happy magnificience that only July can bring us.     The colors of our sun perennials are absolutely fantastic and the annuals in our yards are continuing their bright happy lives.   

It finally rained last night.   A hard downpour that pounded everything with at least an inch of water.    Everything looks so bright and fresh this morning.  

I was already outside picking a basket of green beans and trying to find the other plants in the garden.   The weeds are larger than they've ever been.    Let me tell you that Lancaster County weeds are much larger than Lehigh County weeds.   LOL!

Now, I just have to process said beans.    Did three quarts last night and have approx five quarts to do now.   Then yellow beans are next.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June 1st

Happy June 1st to everyone!    I can't believe how quickly time is going.    I think that it just seems so because we went from cold temps to hot temps without having a spring . . . . again.    I guess this is just our changing world.     Remember, there is no global warming just changes in temps.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Star Block in progress

This is my star block in progress for the Patriotic Block Swap on Missouri Star Quilt Company forum.    I have three blocks completed.     Each one is getting better.  LOL!

Dresden Plate Quilt

This is how far I am on the Dresden Plate Quilt.   I need leaves yet and a couple of borders.  The quilt needs to be lengthed.  LOL!   Flying by the seat of my pants.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

View from my deck

If I aim my camera up (and over my neighbor's home) this is the distant view from my deck

What kind of bird ?

This bird eats at the same feeder as the Goldfinch.    He barely ate at all but keep a real close eye on the neighborhood.   Me, in particular.   Of course, Boz is also outside.    She is a little smaller than he is and all brown.      He is about the same size as a Goldfinch but has red instead which tells me that they are probably some kind of finch.     Only this one pair has made an appearance and neither time was at the same time as the Goldfinches which descend on our feeders in droves.....several pairs bicker and fight over two feeders.....all at the same time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So pretty !

I now have some of this salvia hanging out in the butterfly/hummingbird garden.   The hummingbirds seem to have left us.  They hung around for about two weeks and then disappeared.  I guess they didn't like the neighborhood.   LOL!.

Augh. . . . . . .

Help, Blogger is confusing me.    Evidentally, I changed my email and when I tried to log it in, the system set me up as a new user for that email.   Now, I have to use the gmail email for logging in and getting responses.   I guess that makes perfect sense.  Unfortunately, I don't check that email very often.   Guess I'll have to now.  LOL!.   

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Groff's Plant Farm

Lots of pretty flowers at Groff's Plant Farm.   Come on down.

Star Quilt

Fabrics for Star Quilt Swap.  I finally got up to Joann's to pick up the red, white & blue for the current swap . . . . and a pen to sign the Wild Swap.

You gotta love this living in the country !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2008 . . . . the last time all four of my children were in the same place.   I wish that I were with you all today to celebrate Mother's Day.   Since we are all in separate places, I would like to send a big hug to all of you and to your extended families as well.

Michelle . . . .Dan, Jared, Victoria & Kirby
Melissa . . . .  Tom, Gaby, Tommy
Marc . . . .  Danielle & Addy

Have a great Day !

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Isn't the "park" coming along nicely?

A view of the wooded section of our back yard.   It's coming along nicely.   The landscaper that works with the builder is doing some more work in the rear to clear out tree stumps and other yucky things.  

Eventually, it will be all grass and a pathway lined with hostas and other shade plants.